Since establishing in January 2012, Allure Web Solutions,pc image have worked closely with their clients to produce the websites which matches their requirements and generates new business from their websites.

Allure Web Solutions is awaiting information to start the work with the team at Safana Dental care and Nighingale Dental Practice to redesign both of these websites

Nursing and Midwifery Council NMCAllure Web Solutions Ltd is pleased to announce we are providing Nursing and Midwifery Council with a Web Designer to assist them with the creation of online registration for their 670,000 members, initially for a 2 month contract
NMC extended the contract by one month for the Allure Web Solutions Web Designer. Phase 1 design has been completed and is now working on their phase 2 requirements, which is to create wireframe mockups for renewals process, EU registrations and Overseas registrations.

elysee-HotelAllure Web Solutions Ltd was completed some SEO work for Elysee hotel to promote their hotel further online.

HEvolutionAllure Web Solutions has completed the work with the team at Human Evolution to make some changes to a number of the pages on their website. At present will be providing SEO service to promote the website

Grayshott Dental Care and Implant ClinicGrayshott Dental Care and Implant Clinic - Allure Web Solutions is Hosting, redesigned and is providing SEO for their website.

Hotel a Hotel booking affiliate, required a beautiful looking website to generate, build and extend its client base. They also required backlinks, sitemaps to be submitted to both Google and Bing and Allure Web Solutions is currently working on increasing Hotel-247 exposure even further.

Nork Way Dental PracticeNork Way Dental Practice - the website required to be redesigned by Allure Web Solutions to make it appealing to the clients as well as easy to navigate through the website whilst increasing its private paitents

Augustus Road Dental Practice Augustus Road Dental Practice - Here again, the Website required to be redesigned to make it appealing to the clients as well as easy to navigate through the website whilst increasing its private paitents

Allure-hosting.netAllure Hosting , was setup to provide great quality web hosting and domain name registration at affordable prices. Data centres are located in UK, USA and in Australia, so you can choose to host your website at a data centre closest to you to increase proformance and speed.

Fulham Dental CareFulham Dental Care, - this client already had their website designed and created but required the errors to be removed,the load time to be made faster and maintained as an when required.

Fulham Dental CareFulham Medical Care - for this client a new website was to be develoed to promote her new business. In addition, website was required to be maintained for any future ammendments.

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