Internet Marketing

Just having a website will not provide the desired effect of attracting new clients and increasing sales. Marketing success at Allure Web Solutions Ltd Your website needs to be appropriately Optimised for the search engines (SEO) to display your website when potential customers search for products or services you provide.

There is a good way "White Hat Technique" and a bad way - "Black Hat" way of completing SEO, We at Allure Web Solutions Ltd only use White Hat SEO techniques.

As part of their algorithyms, which is different for each Search Engine.

They look at the number of other websites linking to your website. Those from Quality links, i.e. websites having higher page ranking would be seen to be more favourable than those from lesser page ranked external websites - this is known as Backlinks. While saying this, Search engines such as Google and Bing, prefer these to be accumilated in a natural progression, so having 2000 backlinks set up in one week would be considered to be artifitial and even though these links may come from site with a page rank of 5 and above, your site would be marked down for artifitually establishing these links.

When doing a search, you may find social media sites such as FaceBook and Twitter seem to be higher placed than the sites you are searching for. The reason for this is as more people are using visiting these sites frequently for interacting with their friends and family. Providing information as and when they occur as well as mobile devices having Social media sites always connected and the information is immediately available. Social Media needs to be considered when creating a marketing plan.

Allure Web Solutions Ltd will be happy to advise you on the latest technologies including web design, Social Media and Marketing to attract new clients to increase sales - all available within your budget, with multiple plans allowing you to make your choices based on your requirements as well as your budget.

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