Social Media

The social networking boom has enabled businesses to target their clients in new ways within the Web 2.0 arena, with Social Networking sites as Facebook commanding 1 hour in every 8 is spent on the internet this is certainly an avenue not to be missed.

Facebook can target new clients from mobile devices such as smart phones and Tablets. As good as this is, it can be quite daunting if you’re not sure what social networking sites to use or in what way these can benefit your business.

Facebook’s Page Rank is 9/10, so it is an important part of any social media marketing campaign.

Fortunately, Allure Web Solutions is here to make the whole set up experience simple and increase your website internet exposure, increase your page rank and in turn gain you new clients to increase sales.

Social Media (Basic) - £200.00
Setting up a Facebook page / GooglePlus / Twitter / LinkedIn company page for your business, using the same branding as on your website
(If some of these are already done I will charge £60 for any of these to be created individually)

Social Media (Advanced) - £300.00
This will involve creating

  • Create 2 blogs and submitting them to a number of different blog submission sites
  • Submit 3 tweets to over 110 of Allure Web Solutions Ltd followers
  • Create a number of real Facebook likes
  • and one of the following:
    • Manual submissions to 50-60 PR4+ online directories or
    • Manual submission to the top 75 Alexa ranking directories (Choose which you prefer)

If you require both the Social Media Basic and the Social Media Advanced I will do of these for £450.00

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